Terms & Conditions & Prices

Terms & Conditions of Michael's Wood

It is the aim of the estate to ensure that the natural beauty of Michael's Wood is maintained at all times. Please note, we do not maintain individual graves, which is why we do not charge a maintenance fee.  We also reserve the right to maintain areas of the wood as we see fit in the interest of wildlife conservation. Familes will be asked to sign a document agreeing to adhere to some simple rules. We also ask that families inform all friends and relatives of their agreement to our terms and conditions, this avoids non-compliant items being placed in error.

We understand that there is a lot to take in when you are grieving, which is why we now make it standard practice to send out our terms & conditions to you, as a gentle reminder, 4 weeks after the interment.

We regret that no edgings (natural or otherwise), fences, gravel, benches, vases, ornaments, trinkets or any other personal effects are allowed to be placed on or around graves. We cannot make any exceptions. Non biodegradable floral tributes will be removed 14 days after internment.

Non-compliant items will be removed during regular inspections of the woods and held at the estate office.  We do not have the capacity to inform individuals every time a non-compliant item is removed, but please be assured that items are always kept.

A copy of the full terms and conditions may be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.



Price list for human ashes or burials 

The total price is made up of two elements - the plot purchase fee and the interment fee for preparing and finishing the grave.  Please note that for advance reservations the plot fee is paid to secure the reservation.  The interment fee is then payable at the time of interment.  We regret that due to regulations we cannot accept payment in full for advance reservations, we only accept the plot fee.  Interment fees are subject to change.

If you have any questions about prices or the terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us.